Ads is not all you got!

If you have spent a lot of money on advertisements but you are not happy with your ROI (Return of Investment) and you don't see growing connection with your audience, you need a

new strategy for
Content Marketing

Your posts & ads don't have enough reach & engagement?

If you tried posting regularly on social media but the number reach and engagement is hopelessly low, you may conclude that social media marketing is dead, right? WRONG!

Things are changing quickly in digital world. Anything not creative leads to nothing. Anything looks like a simple sales ad can’t catch any eye.

Your promotions don't sell?

Promotions are still attractive all over the world but how can they sell among thousands of similar promotions?

The question is: How do you promote your promotions and what  audience is targeted in your ads?

But even when promotions sell well, they don’t create loyalty or even brand awareness.

Why content marketing is different?

Content marketing creates its audience by offering something valuable. They view your content because they want to do so and this means you own them.

In contrast, traditional advertising is usually gets in touch with a rented audience. Traditional advertisers pay to social media platforms with an existing audience to promote their messages. Purchased radio airtime, rented billboard spaces, and purchased PPC ads are some examples of these platforms.

The disadvantage of renting an audience is that the audience does not belong to you, and you will eventually have to give it back once your paid period is over.



Content marketing aims to start a conversation with your potential customers. By sharing value and conversing with your customers, you won't be just a seller. You will be a trusted advisor.


Content marketing unlike traditional advertising enables marketers to change their marketing strategies in real time. Marketers can find out which content strategies are working and invest more time and effort in those strategies to achieve better results.


Content marketing is significantly more affordable than advertising. According to an article published in Forbes, content marketing is 62 percent more cost-effective than traditional marketing and delivers three times as many leads.


Content marketing improves SEO by adding content to your website. Actually posting a part of a post on social media and link it to website increase the traffic as well as improving SEO.


    • Standard Package
    • RM 1000
    • 4 Blog Posts/Month
    • 1 e-mail newsletter
    • Press Release
    • 10 Social Media Updates
    • Inbound Marketing Strategy
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Enhanced Package
    • RM 2500
    • 6 Blog Posts/Month
    • 2 e-mail newsletter
    • Press Release
    • 20 Social Media Updates
    • Inbound Marketing Strategy
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Exclusive Package
    • RM 4000
    • 10 Blog Posts/Month
    • 3 e-mail newsletter
    • Press Release
    • 30 Social Media Updates
    • Inbound Marketing Strategy
    • Monthly Reporting